Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oh My Gosh! Sex Offenders in CHURCH??

The first of this month, a treatment provider posted an op-ed about his invitation to his clients to attend his
church and the negative response on the part of the church when one took him up on it. Everyone was properly informed, all of the suggested precautions were in place, but still the church declined this opportunity to practice what they preached.

My comment on the article included the suggestion that he find another church, one that actually practiced the Christianity that they professed.

Yesterday a rebuttal op-ed appeared, written by one who, if he has any affiliations or experiences that would give him insight into the issues involved here, chose not to reveal them.

He begins with erroneous information, calling the former offender who wished to attend church a “child molester” when there was nothing in the original article to indicate what the offense had been. He goes from bad to worse by citing ridiculously high recidivism rates for former offenders from two studies that have been denounced by all other researchers, and indeed even by the author of one of the studies, as not applicable to the general community of registered offenders. He ignores the large body of research all consistently reporting the re-offense rate of registrants in single digits--and most of them, low single digits.

But none of this bothers me as much as the actions of the church. They seem woefully ignorant of the basic tenets of their faith--forgiveness and redemption. They have every right to act to protect their congregation, but the safeguards in place are designed to do that. They even have the right to refuse church attendance to whomever they wish. However, they do not have the right to do that and then continue to call themselves Christian.

If they reject a penitent sinner, one claiming the forgiveness and redemption offered by the founder of Christianity, then they reject Him and forfeit the right to call themselves by His name.


  1. Sounds like hypocrisy to me. I have heard the fig leaf of an excuse that "our insurance does not allow us to permit registrants in the congregation". I've checked with two friends who are insurance brokers and neither has ever heard of such a clause or prohibition by any insurance carrier. That makes me wonder why such an excuse is used. Methinks they do protest too much.

  2. Interesting to note also that forgiveness is a tent of most world religions. The churches mentioned in this blog, and in my responses, were Christian churches. I have not heard of this (non)issue coming up at houses of worship of any other faith. Just sayin'....

    1. Just think about this. Most people are going to go to a fiery hell. Most of the human population that has ever lived is in hell. It's the biggest of all multitudes. God only spared 8 people the last time he destroyed this world. What makes these holy hypocrites think they can reject me as if I'm less than the least of these. Like not even God would forgive a child molester so why should they right. So God can't use me right? He can use the junky meth heads who we all know are going to relapse, save a few sincere ex cons that I know that have more years clean than than I do. Churches like to have an example of who not to be in life as if the Bible didn't cover this base here. Certainly as a sex offender I'm hated by all and trusted by no one. Every time someone new finds out about me they react as if I just committed the crime right in front of them. The fact that it was almost 20 years ago does not click in their feeble little self righteous mind. Neither do they consider my life now and how I might not be the same as I was then. They have less faith than they think they do and they certainly have no faith in any real God. They are posers, phonies , fake hearted alone balls that think they know it all and can speak for God on His behalf because their Bible just won't cut it . They have to try to either crucify me or they try to re save me so they can know for themselves that it worked. They want to have say over my life rather than let God have His way in my life. I actually like it when they reject me. Why? Because if anyone can possibly be "the least of these" I would think that includes everyone the church doesn't like. Now for the creeps that hide in church and feed on the innocent there should be no mercy. Let that sand box diaper rapist do his prison time FIRST then If he lives through it and gets out , then consider him for attendance at your church. To try to help this idiot before he goes to prison or trying to lighten his punishment or anything Is SIN!!! It's a sin against the victim which is definitely one of the least of these so if you know your Bible , that is a Chief sin against God! Do not pitty the offender . That's obsurd!!! Once he's had a few years locked up with kiki the man whore or big Butch that likes boys the whole world will be different for him.
      I was raped several times in prison and I promise you no one cares. Walking through life alone, on egg shells, always worried about who knows about me and when the next round of harassment will begin, will I ever be allowed to recover and try to make some kind of normal life for myself, Not.
      18years after my breast fondling charge and things are getting worse every year I've lost jobs, friend, spouses and even my only child all because of my breast fondling charge which I did my 4years on already. I've been off parole since 2002. Everything I ever loved, anyone I've ever loved has died or has rejected me. People come and go but I'm sure I'll die alone. I won't get to know my son. Some one give me a good reason why I should live another day. And don't try to give me that God loves you line bs I'll chew you up and spit you out. You better know what your talking about.

    2. This is to Anonymous. I posted one of your comments, even though much is off-topic, because I want to address some of your points.

      All of your references to religion--Bible; "the least of these"--indicate Christianity, so I am answering from a Christian perspective.

      God does love you, and you can't reject that because it isn't what I am saying; it is what the Bible says, what God says. To reject it, you would have to reject the Bible, and I don't think you will do that. I think that you believe the Bible and trust in God even though it is very hard to keep that trust going.

      The circumstances of your situation are horrible and almost beyond belief--except I have heard others just as bad. Please go to www.reformsexoffenderlaws.org., look under "about us," choose "affiliates," and click right after the name if the group for your state. If there is an associated group in your state, use the contact information and get in touch with the group. Also, try going to www.dailystrength.com.

      I pray that you will find some help and support and a church that practices what it preaches. Don't give up looking. If I knew where you were, city and state, I might even conceivably be able to help you find one. I get every comment before it is printed. You can tell me where you are, and it won't get printed.

      Blessings and peace to you I pray.

  3. I am a convicted sex offender living in Indiana, I attend church and adult Sunday school on a regular basis. Before beginning attendance, I met privately with the pastor and explained to him my situation. He told me that he would need to let certain other people within the church know of my situation so I wouldn't be asked to work or volunteer in a compromising situation and I was fine with that. I also let all the other appropriate people such as my Probation Officer know where I was attending. I have had zero issues from within or outside my church community surrounding my attendance.

  4. Our church has been a major source of support for us. At least a dozen members of the congregation have written to my husband in prison and many more of them pray for us. I'm not sure where we'd be without that support. I have heard other stories of churches that turn away registrants or accept them with a noticeable lack of enthusiasm. Those churches should be exposed for their lack of moral courage.

  5. Just Me, consider yourself VERY fortunate. I was actually kicked out of this church I had been attending because their brand new pastor, a guy several years younger than I, had found out about my sex offender registry status and told me that I would "probably be happier worshiping elsewhere". Before he physically escorted me out of the building, he told me I was not allowed to even enter THE MEN'S BATHROOM or go down to the lower level (where the children's classrooms were located)! He told me that even though I could no longer worship there, he would dip into the church's benevolence fund to help me pay for counseling, which I thought was a rather shallow gesture. He told me that if I was to attend another church, I HAD to tell the pastor right away. That is basically tantamount to wearing a double-sided sign saying, "Hey, look over here---I'm a convicted sex offender!!!!" Full disclosure is a very risky move, and if anyone asked me to work in a compromising situation, I would just tell them a simple "no thanks, I've got a lot on my plate right now." As it is, I don't think I can go into ANY church in my town without risking discovery. Thank you, Shelomith, for speaking truth to power about this 1,000 lb. elephant in the room nobody seems to want to talk about.

  6. I did 4yrs flat for breast fondling, sentenced to 6yrs. Four years in maximum security level five prison. I can't believe I lived through it. That was 18years ago. Failure to register or failure to comply Carries 10 years and opens the door for civil commitment, that's life sentence in a lock down convalescent home or home for the criminally insane. The registration is three pages long, soon it will be a small book I'll have to sign and initial so many boxes, in triplicate. That's all rediculas and I've been Johnny on the spot keeping with my updates. Keeping this up every 90days for 18yrs now. No relapse in site!
    I can't get a job can't rent anywhere. friends I thought I had turned on me. I get vandalized ,robbed, hassled in town , run off the road by cars, trash throw from cars and peoples mouths as they drive by my house. Tried to give my life to God, He don't even want me around or at least His people say so. That hurt more than anything . That is until recently. I tried to find a woman that would love me for me. Then after 8yrs with the girl of my dreams she kills herself, I find her dead of a drug overdose. 3yrs later I find someone to love, had a baby with her. 2 days old and family services takes the baby and state statute says I can Not ever have my baby. Because I'm registered sex offender they will take any child I ever have and they get to keep my child indefinitely . Even if my babies mother can get custody back I'm still forbidden to be around. That's the condition to get him back, I have to be out of the pictures forever. So with God and the world rejecting me and the daily hassles and gardeners plus just the shear weight of all this "breast fondling" crime. Seriously my first wife, she had the right idea. I'm starting to consider it myself. I can't live my life and I can't give my life, no one wants it not even me. A preacher lied to me and said that in 20yrs I will have forgotten all about it. Like it would go away or something. I need to find the scripture that tells me I can't be forgiven or be a member of a church or play worship music or anything. That's what one of"Gods people" told me. They either dodge talking to me about it or they flat out reject me. I bowed out peacefully now I expect to be left alone. I watch my yard at night with a bucket of rocks, hammers, bricks, crow bars , ball bats and glass bottles and anything else I can legally have. I will attack anyone who comes on my property period. If it's dark out don't come around my house . I'm up and I will see you and I might get you if your on my property. In this state you can kill trespassers legally so notice to all . Stay away!!!

  7. Allow to attend yes, promote to leadership, no. Repentance is personal, protection of the flock is public mandate.


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