Friday, February 14, 2014

The kidnapping children EXPERIMENT???

Really? An experiment? About kidnapping children??

When I read the write up for this and then watched the video, I was infuriated.

It plays into the worst types of myths and stereotyping and scare tactics designed to...I'm not sure what it's designed to do. Terrify parents? Make them think that children are at significant risk of being taken in public, in broad daylight, with adults there who have been "alerted" to the situation by the child? By a kidnapper who persists in his attempts with adults there with telephones?

Has it ever happened? Under the circumstances portrayed in this "experiment?" I sincerely doubt it.

The dedication of the film sets the stage for the reaction the filmmakers hope to elicit: "...the candle that burns for all the angels who have been kidnapped and 'disappeared.' " It would have been nice if they had given a number, or an estimate of a number, but the number of those who are truly kidnapped by strangers and just "disappear" would be so tiny that it would leave the viewer wondering what the hyperbole was all about.

As a piece of fear-mongering, this "experiment" gets an A-; it could have been better acted.

But in the categories of usefulness, realism, and anything even bordering on good taste--it's an F.


  1. Why is the creator not mentiond and take claim . Whom ever must be desperate or stupid . Teach your kids your all they have and they must learn this . Feed baby food to a baby and if doesn't like it will kick scream cry and spit it at you . The real problem is they don't know who their parents are . And thats sad .

  2. Hmm; There are allot of comments blocked by the staff, I wonder why. I cant recall hearing of a child being kidnapped right off of the streets in this manner, nor do I recall reading of anything that comes close to the scenario in the film, and I read the news daily, usually many times a day. If ever I have viewed a propaganda film this is it. I was going to leave a comment on the page but I'm pretty sure I would have been blocked like all the others. This film is a dangerous joke.

  3. There was a 'wwyd' video floating about a while ago with the same premise. Lots of people commented that 'You're not my dad'...well, people tend to think of that as 'Kid pissed off with their uncle/stepdad/granddad.


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