Monday, May 19, 2014

Sex offender alert: get those bumper stickers off that window!

~~by Shelly

This will sound like my friend Lenore Skenazy at Free-Range Kids, but honestly, this has just gone too far.

Besides being poorly written and edited--it says "several police departments" and identifies none; it uses "sick" when it means "stick"-Freudian slip?--this article and what it says are ridiculous.

The premise is that seeing bumper-sticker-type stick figures portraying a family with young children will incite someone with pedophilic tendencies to--what?-follow the car home, kill the parents, and abscond with the children? Attack the car at a stop light and drag the children from the car?

The article, and presumably the warning of these police departments, whoever they are, also cautions against anything on the car that identifies the school that one's child goes to. The only rationale I can think of here is that someone intent on abducting a random child would not know that schools contain children until he sees a bumper sticker announcing, "My child is an honor student at Roosevelt Elementary."

And don't even get me started on the ridiculous notion that children are abducted from schools by strangers on a regular--or irregular--or any kind of--basis.

Lenore's mission is to debunk the notion that our children are at risk every minute of every day from every conceivable danger. I wonder if she will re-think her position now that she has been alerted to the potential horrors that await those who put stick figures on their cars.


  1. This has to be the epitome of the mental illness that prevails in America - not sex offenders per se, but rather those who are in charge - the police and the governments. In their quest to be totally politically correct, do good morality, they all have fallen over the cliff of sanity, reason, and logic. Ans when this becomes ubiquitous, the dangers we have witnessed is beyond cure.

  2. And I thought I heard it all when I read the article on the mother in Broward,FL. going ballistic simply because a man took a photo of her daughter in public. Police "Urge" parents to remove these stickers in order to protect children? Whats next,removal by law? Will they be pulled over and charged with child endangerment if they don't comply? Fear (False.Evidence.Appearing.Real) is bad enough, but theses two instances are signs of paranoia. Sloan4444

  3. I am shaking in my shoes. (But don't tell anyone I HAVE shoes, because they'll ask, "What kind?" and since they are comfortable but not particularly attractive, they will KNOW that I"m a MOM and then they will hunt me down and kill my innocent children!!!! (ANd here's what I wrote about the bumper sticker issue: )

  4. I contend that law enforcement, government, and media spread this malarkey to keep the populace convinced that their offspring are in constant danger. And we need all of these "authorities" to keep us informed of the imminent danger while they are "saving the children." In other words they are justifying their own existence and the ridiculous amount of our taxes that they consume.

    1. AMEN!!! I'm glad that SOME ONE else in this world recognizes the TRUTH out there... The truth that the Governmental structure is purposefully portraying WORSE CASE SCENARIOS, that they might justify exuberant spending of tax funding which might otherwise be better used for more practical application: (ie) Homeless and Mental Health Programs.

  5. Do you have any video of that? I'd love to find out more details.

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    1. This article has a video; my fave line from it? Paraphrasing...Police said they have no reports of anything happening here because of this.

      What a shocker!


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