Thursday, August 6, 2015

Open letter to Laura Ahearn and Parents for Megan’s Law

Your program is advertised as an advocacy for children focused on preventing sexual abuse.

Yet this, from your site, tells a very different story: “Most parents and community members believe that they are doing everything they can to protect children from sexual predators but the disturbing reality is that registered sex offenders are obtaining employment and volunteer positions across the country where they can have unfettered access to children.”

This tells me that your focus is on people who have already committed a sexual crime and have served or are in the process of serving their court-ordered sentences. Your very name, Megan's Law--synonymous with public notification which often translates into public persecution--makes this focus crystal clear.

Why? Statistics and studies tell us that virtually all children who are sexually abused are not random victims of offenders already registered. They are overwhelmingly victims of those in their lives with whom they are comfortable: their family members, their peers—fully a third of those who molest children are themselves children and juveniles—and their authority figures.

Studies show that if we wish to work toward the goal of protecting children, we must focus on the children; we must change our focus to a victim-oriented one, one that stresses prevention through education, awareness, and empowerment programs.

And yet here you are again--or rather, still--"standing with" self-serving politicians "to advocate for stronger sex offender laws."


This is what you are encouraging and promoting:

Every suggestion that sexual harm to children will be prevented by closely monitoring all on the registry obscures the fact that virtually all such perpetrators are not on the registry.

Every dollar spent registering, tracking, monitoring, and legislating against registered citizens is a dollar not spent educating and empowering parents and victims against the overwhelmingly greater threat.

Every dollar spent impeding registered citizens in their goals of rehabilitation and second chances is a dollar not spent working toward prevention of child sexual abuse.

Every minute focused on those on the registry is a minute not focused on those who are victims of sexual abuse in their own homes and other places in their everyday lives.

Again I ask--Why?


  1. When I was released from federal prison in May, 2014, I came to Washington, DC and took up residence in the Central Union Mission, where I still live today. I began working in the kitchen as a volunteer, but after a couple of months was placed on staff, where I served the men of the Mission for almost a year before an older female volunteer who was a retired corrections officer 'discovered' my status on the registry. Her first attempts to have me removed were by claiming I was racist, and was treating men in the kitchen 'as a master would a slave" (I am white and most are predominately African-American). When that failed to obtain the desired results because it was proven to be patently false, she then protested that I was a registered sex offender working around under-age volunteers. This fact is true, but my PO knew it, the Mission executive staff new it, I wrote and article for the Mission newsletter stating as such, and we were on camera in the Mission (including the kitchen) 24/7. The Mission decided that the publicity they were facing was a bad idea, so I was permanently removed. Things went in another direction for me, and I attribute that to God's involvement, and in many ways I should thank her, but her intent was not to improve my lot in life. Her intent was to destroy it. I am on the lowest tier and am generally not considered to be a threat to anyone except by those who can see my face peering back at them from a position none of them cares to try to understand or sympathize with.

    1. Wow what a story . Being white and trying to be politicly correct when addressing those of dark skin as afro americans is wrong . The term must be deffined as discription that is black as you are white . The reason is for years like the retired corrections officer is being unjust and should have been brought up on charges of discrimination and told to leave her service in rhe mission . As honesty pervails you thats because you are an american like most if not all the blacks that are born here are americans , as written in the 14th amendment .
      I do believe that children do not belong in surpresed areas such as missions or tought that they are needed for helping the depressed and mentaly challanged or those just out of luck . This a mistake . The under aged are being placed in harms way in more ways than one .
      The next time someone calls you a racist - respond - no I'm human and we should treat each other as such . PEACE .

  2. I suspect Laura and her crowd were in the past touched. Their "feel good" mind set to me is an attempt to mask the real issue, that is hate. And the cognitive dissidence that prevails is extant in their lives. Why deal with rational logic and the facts when they can gather their respective pitch forks, tar and feathers and have at it. The sad reality is the fact that they actually believe they are doing God the father and country a favor. Altering this type of mind set is virtually improbable at the very least. This is especially so when this crowd gets behind state legislators. After all, the legislators DO NOT want to lose a vote and relinquish all that POWER - do they?

    1. There seems to be a pattern and could not agree with you more . Laura and a new crew have slid over to domestic violence and is finishing up a degree at touro law school , maybe to brush up on defense laws and public speaking for a better prosecution against the male population and another registry .
      We will all hope that this new endevor includes equal laws for abused men.
      The haters are out looking for grants and funding . But with regret most of the donators are faceing legal issues and are being removed from office .
      When did the domestic laws expire anyway ?

  3. organizations that push for stronger legislation against registered citizens need to be looked at with a critical eye within the past year and number of organizations that supposedly were collecting money for cancer research have been proven to be nothing more than fraudulent fronts for racketeering

    This is extremely true of anybody involved in the sex offender industry . They don't care how much collateral damage that they are causing to family members and children. ( )Their only goal is to spread more fear to receive more funding for their own vigilante efforts ( ) perhaps it is time for people to start looking into the real agenda of these organizations to see if they are really promoting true constitutional values that need protecting and where the money that is being given to them is going. paying somebody a high salaries so that they can attack the constitutional values of this country and make us all a little less safe and free needs to stop.

    1. This day I reply is the end of the second world war with Japan against the attack of the world , too further the assault of all enlisted and career veterans of what now should be recognised as the freedom's that no longer exist after the release of computer technlolgy, globly .
      Could not agree more with you ! But logic and money don't seem to find the same trail until we all speak up and put logic in place with the past that made this an unjust future according to corporate welfare and war for population control around the world, with genocide in all shapes and forms of survivile - food - water - pharmicuticles - sunlite - and the air we breath -
      Don't be shy, look at the sky more often than texing or cell phone communacation . The Government knows more than you do, no matter what your test scores are' where you are and where your going, where you've been what you eat'drink and think . NOW ASK YOURSELF ( who are my parents ) and grand parents and geat grand parents . This is the structure of life. Not a public service of life long third genoration welfare on the backs of tax paying working families for legislative votes for permanent seats in congress or any other state or government position . WE THE PEOPLE . FOR THE FUTURE OF THE CITIZENS CHILDREN of the UNITED STATES AND ALLIES to put freedom back in its place where it belongs, that so many died for, and hopefuly not for nothing .


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