Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Manufactured Fear

It's a horrifying video. Children go up to a door trick-or-treating and then inside when the man who opens the door tells them the candy is "downstairs." After finding no candy, they are told by the man there is none, and as he advances on the kids, they start screaming and try to run, only to be stopped by masked accomplices coming out of a closet and down the stairs. They are screaming and crying when the parents reveal themselves and proceed to yell at the kids for putting themselves in danger.

But there was no danger. This is one of those vulgar, fear-mongering, words-cannot-describe-it things that have become the mode lately. There have been a dozen or more made, all showing up on you-tube. Masquerading as "social experiments" or "parental warnings," they posit situations that, when they happen, happen with such extreme rarity that those who want to profit from them have to manufacture the scenario.

They all revolve around a single premise: the danger and threat of a total stranger to a child, the danger almost always, implicitly or explicitly, of a sexual nature.

Why don't they make videos of Uncle Joey conniving to get Susie to sit on his lap while the rest of the family carries on their conversations? Or Bob's older brother's best friend holding Bob down and feeling him up while roughhousing in the back yard? Those situations would at least strike much closer to the reality of how child sexual abuse occurs.

I have a question that I wish someone would answer for me. WHY do not the parents and the makers of those videos--the ones where kids are scared to death by a fake kidnapping or a fake Halloween abduction--why does not everyone involved in those videos get arrested and charged with child abuse and unlawful restraint of a child? They have emotionally devastated their children, created a horror for them that far exceeds anything they are likely to experience the rest of their childhood.

I guess if you are a parent, it's okay to scare the living crap out of your child--just not okay to let them play outside for five minutes unless you are watching them--but then that's for another post.


  1. Today a parent can't put Tabasco sauce on their child's tongue for saying a nasty word or even spank their fanny one time without CPS at their front door, yet can scare the crap out of them pushing stranger danger BS? I feel this video should be sent to CPS and have these parents tracked down for child abuse!

  2. Let's do it!!!! People make complaints about trivial nonsense every day and the social sites bow down and please the complainant and remove the 'free speech' of the poster.
    Let's get enough people to complain to YouTube or whatever other sites are hosting such videos and make the evening news out of them, Since they want their 15 mins of fame, obviously.

  3. This comment is about the abuse of power from elected officials that over see and the misuse of words that only protect them self .
    Children that are abused by gangs that also kill children is child abuse . When hearing children on bikes shooting a child in the head with a fire arm is not fear mongering but fact .
    When our lawmakers seek an increase in pay from the tax payers, they value their life more with the quality of life, than the quality of life from the people they mandate to pay the debt of failed policys .
    This should be brought to the attention of the Governors of all states that think the AWA PFML CVC registry where the real dangers are to include open finance with the true edvidence of a recidivisim rate that are not on the SO. Registry . this does not equate but to keep the flow of money taxable for state and federal compensation not the gulable publics safety or the safety of their children . Time for PFML to end the harassment of a public registry and get out to the gangs and real violent aggressors that kill children . No more just collecting money for personal gain . The county's can't keep up with the law suits .
    We want to know how many S.O. live around The administrator director of Megans law . War on past offenders ? The PFML service is no longer needed or has ever been effective after time served . But to prove how the public has been lied to for the profit of wealthy donators annual financical write offs to balance their overtures . The war is here and it's not sex offences of the past .


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