Saturday, March 12, 2016

Predator panic -- it might get worse, but it couldn't get sillier

Imagine this. You are at a Monster Jam event, and you see a booth selling pink, fuzzy toy trucks. You buy one for your little girl, and then you find out -- how? -- that the heart pattern on the toy is a secret symbol to pedophiles, and that your purchase has just marked your child, according to channel 8 in Florida, as one "ready to be traded for sex" to a pedophile who has a preference for girls.


My mind was instantly flooded with questions: How do the pedophiles match up with the pink-truck-owning children? Scour neighborhoods looking for the trucks lying in a yard or clutched in the hands of the ill-fated child? And what if the parent isn't home and a baby-sitter is? Will the pedophile make an appointment to come  back when the parent is home to complete the sale, or is the baby-sitter authorized to do so? Or are they staked out at the venues that are selling the toys and swoop in right then to complete the transaction?  What if a parent unconcerned with the whole color-gender thing bought the pink truck with the heart for his son? Would the pedophile union sue for false representation when a member went to claim his girl-child and instead was given a boy?

In what I suppose is a desperate attempt to introduce some note of authenticity into this fantasy, channel 8 interviews a detective with the cyber crimes unit at the Pasco Sheriffs' Dept. He speaks of the pedophiles he "busts" and the horrors he sees of children raped and tortured on a daily basis and how what keeps him going is protecting children and putting the bad guys away.

And there goes my crazy mind again. What does anything he is saying have to do with heart symbols on stuffed toy trucks?

And then the company who makes the toys, the same company who owns the Monster Jam franchise, is asked about the symbol, and they freak out, avow all innocence in this nefarious plot -- give me time; I'll figure out how it works -- and recall the trucks.

Again -- whaaat???

Now I have a couple of serious questions. Did channel 8 ask anyone -- the cyber crimes detective, any other police department, the FBI, anyone -- approximately how many children have fallen victim to the pink truck caper and have been sold to pedophile rings? Surely the sale of the toys can be traced to the duplicitous parents; are any of their little girls "missing"? Has an investigation been launched? The toy manufacturer said they haven't been contacted by anyone in law enforcement. Huh? They are serving as a conduit between those who want to buy children and those who are selling them, and law enforcement doesn't even contact them?

And, finally, how long will it be before the toy manufacturer / Monster Jam promoter realizes what insanity this is and sues everyone involved for slander, loss of income, and damage to their reputation?


  1. Go figure. Pretty sure a lot of cyber crime detectives operate in a fantasy land where data and facts do not matter. Anything to scare the public with the hopes of securing more funds. It's good business.

    This story really belongs in The Onion. It's sad and frightening that it is reported as actual news.

  2. What garbage! SMH.You would expect something like this In the days of the Salem witch craft trials of 1692 and the rumors then spread. But in today's world, with our increased knowledge, you would think society has grown with it. Unfortunately, even with the well educated, the mindless hysteria continues today as people still believe what they hear and spread the fear. Unreal!

    And WFLA news watch 8 should be ashamed for posting this trash and partaking in this mindless hysteria simply to increase volume!


  3. I propose that the media should adopt the symbol of a larger brain encompassing a smaller brain to symbolize how our brains are being shrunk by too much media propaganda.

  4. Ifirst read this article in Lenore's column and got a good giggle at the comments that were posted, then Isaw it in a rightwing rag and the comments there scared the hell out of me! How can people spew such vitriol about their fellow human beings? "Kill them a!!, kill all those female teachers who 'rape' little boys too" and on and on in graphic detail about what they do and how they do it over and over again! Talk about sick puppies, and they seem to come out of their holes in this current political climate. What do we do? Do we wait for sanity to prevail? Do we try to fight back? We can't stoop to their level. This would be morally wrong! What does do?

  5. Sheri T . The spewers are gutless grand standers . In the years
    Past I'll bet their grand mothers were bra burners . But keeping with times in 1959 a woman named Charlotte Johnson the designer of the Barbie Doll a Mattel teenage fashion toy also designed with unrealastic proportions for its time . Then came out with the ken doll - very carefully designed . But before her passing came out with the divorce barbie an like the divorce rage of the jet set swinger era the divorce barbie came with all of kens stuff . Then came the free love era but with respect, when no ment NO ! . So what era is todays malfunctions comming from . We don't try to fight back ---WE FIGHT BACK .
    Laura Ahearn parents for megans law was dealing with a crimminal senator Dean Skelos now incarserated for life collecting a pension while political prisionors of time served are freezing to death and those not allowed to work, left homeless with no government support . The time is now ! She might be held hold harmless turning her brain storm over to homeland security . But the deaths before that the regjstry is hers and yes people did die because of that . Did you here about anyone that was killed from an airbag . YES and those corporation's recalled the cars fixed them and paid restitution . Did you here of a toy maker from china that hung him self because his toy had a malfunction and killed children .
    Now thats honer . This is whats called fighting back legally . And it needs to go national to RSOL's and jail time for the author of parents for megans law . Dealing with a crimminal senator and a crimminal police chief also in jail . Enough is enough . Where is the registry for the EX chief when he gets out and who knows how many inmates will be working for him when he gets out he will have alot of cash . Of tax payer money . To heck with his family let them get a job . Do they care about the families and CHILDREN of past offenders ? NO, and why would his wife put up with this . MONEY, fooling around, porn and sex toys in his duffell bag with his guns in a police vehicle and a felon girl friend, or were the sex toys used for set ups to inhance the registry . They droped those charges with the plea deal and sealed the documents for sure to protect the judges and the legislators . If they did't shread them , he was a police chief since 2012 for suffolk county don't forget . How much more do we need . Should we forgive them because they can find all regisrerd offenders from a national hit list and still carry guns because the judge spared him the felony charge ? BS put them on a international passport list - warn the other countries of hot head out of control time served rogue police and no guns out of the US or in the US for that matter . I don't think a bad cop can be cured Mr.Trump . Sheri t your right we should'nt stoop . The sanity is the truth so keep writting and commenting . I hope you enjoyed the reply . No profanity,
    No personal attacks, and no obscenities . Just facts for justice . When the right people here and see the facts , that say they want change will see change . The time is now . and again , THANK YOU .


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