Friday, September 9, 2016

Picketing and threats for Brock: Is there a better way?

In the wake of Brock Turner’s stint in jail and subsequent release, America has not behaved very well. Like the cluster of schoolboys ganging up to neutralize the playground bully, their actions are understandable but not helpful to the ultimate goal of ending the violence.

What is the ultimate goal in regard to Brock Turner? Surely it is that he has learned his lesson and will not commit another sexual offense.

What is the broader goal in regard to the community and society? Surely it is that public safety is enhanced.

Groups of armed vigilantes outside his home and hate messages scrawled on his sidewalk fall far short of contributing to either goal, and many of those not close enough to strap on their weapons and descend on the Turner home are cheering on those who are. Additionally, some media reports all but encourage and applaud such behavior.

What will contribute to both goals? Culling from studies and experts who have worked for years toward these goals, who have made the choice to be part of the solution, it is this: successfully integrating the offender back into the community. And what works toward this? That is best answered by looking at what destroys it: isolation; shaming; rejection; ostracization; hatred; vilification.

Neighbors with guns, reminiscent of lynch mobs several decades ago.

Brock’s neighbors are not expected to welcome him with apple pies and invitations to backyard barbecues – at least not now.

But if they too want to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, they will leave him and his family alone.

They will look within themselves and find the grace to consider the greater good of society rather than reacting out of a media-whipped, frenzied belief that he wasn’t punished enough – a judgment call that was not theirs to make in the first place.


  1. From the research I did, it looks like the protesters who were identified were not from Brock's neighborhood at all, but from other areas around Dayton. I suspect the real neighbors would just like to see all of this go away.

  2. Since society has been allowed to keep kicking anyone accused of a sexual offense even after they have paid their dues, it's unfortunate, however, acceptable to behave like tis. What other crimes do people even act like this? It shouldn't be accepted.

  3. The Judge knows more, included with the prosecution findings, that the public, and media will never find out, for the proposed conviction and sentence . This also leaves foresite of choice, being thrown to the wolves or caged with the lyons . Both hold grave consequences but clears jurisdiction . The most appauling is when law inforcement does not do its job in protecting all citizens from semi automatic weapons in residential areas holding sign's of hate with the spice of vigilante violence without appearance summons's as a violation of peaceful protest.
    The other is the victim that proves that Brook is truly sorry and not a career felon tho will have to carry this the rest of his life like others with the registry that needs to be re-written with the proof of time shows that with theropy for both will re-direct conscience and dicision's of how all these offences transpired .
    DNA ? Pergnant ? The victim was not shy in the discription of the offence, was there financial reward with this conviction , believe it or not this remains off the docket .


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