Monday, December 5, 2016

What does it take to activate a vigilante?

Obviously, not much.

Start with a totally made-up story, make sure it involves child sexual abuse and troops of pedophiles trading and selling kids in Washington, D.C., and mix in enough of one of the major presidential candidates to guarantee that approximately half of the population are predisposed to believe it. 

Stir in one self-proclaimed “protector of children” with a gun or guns – reports are mixed – and the willingness to “protect children” by shooting off said gun into a crowd of them eating pizza.

Edgar Welch drove from North Carolina, gun or guns at the ready, and marched into his target, a popular D.C. pizza restaurant, Sunday, December 4, in order to, in his words, “self-investigate” the pedophile activity. The fact that the false rumors about the pizzeria have been debunked and found to be totally unsupported did not serve as a deterrent to him at all. After all, where sex and children are used in the same sentence, how could it not be true?

How that evolved to his shooting off his rifle is anybody’s guess.

Thank God no one was hurt and the gunman was captured.

False news is apparently one of the negative consequences that we just have to put up with in this age of social media and electronic information where anybody can say anything online with the assurance that somebody will believe him.  But given what it has led to in this specific instance, we need, more and more, to remember that responsibility must accompany the exercise of rights and freedoms.

We must remember that freedom of speech does not grant the right to yell “Fire” in a crowded theater. And the ability to make up a story and disseminate it far and wide via Twitter and Facebook does not grant the sense to know when not to do so.


  1. Takes just one ideologue who is a little off mentally....

    A year ago, a man walked in to the Colorado Springs, CO Planned Parenthood and shot up the place because of what he had seen on TV of Planned Parenthood actions. Regardless if you think their actions are right or wrong or true, he was WRONG for taking on the organization himself as a vigilante to save the babies. He has now been found "mentally unfit" to stand trial yet he had the will and the way to be a one man vigilante crew.

    A loose screw, an idea and a way, a vigilante will make their mark unfortunately....

  2. Expect to see more of this kind of behavior in the near future. Our recent election has shown us how uncivilized America has become.

  3. A vigilante is an obstruction of real law . A murderer, in terms , uncontrolable instability . Praised by supreme ignorance , witch sometimes is fueled by law inforcement it self to perform unusal acts of injustice for what they think is justifyable behind the laws . Never seen and never questioned when written in past police reports defined by lawyers then sold to the judges and district attorneys .
    So really what does it take to activate a vigilante ? We should all know by now . THE REGISTRY .

  4. Why did'nt Edgar Welsh march into the CIA's office in Washington and ask who killed the DC madam after her incarceration instead of driveing all that way to prove his desultory actions at a pizza ria . Now this nit wit because of his actions , when we want a slice to go it will be mandatory to pass thru a metal detector take off your shoes, belt, empty your pockets , be wanded and pass a background check . This is our new freedom . When is the administrator director of megans going to be mandated by law to be mentally evaluated and be held responcible with her politcal contributors seeking more funding , creating more rules for re-election now pleading with the spread of fear to an inocent public getting royaly ripped off to cover double dipping corruption to sure up for their own benifit . AWA , PFML and CVC is the culprete and activation of vigilanty violence and they know it . Its all about the money for them . Disolve the registry and keep them responcible of their own creation to be registerd for life for further vigilanty acts of violence that pertain to the registry and prolonged harrassment, joblesness, and demagraphic slander of how many sex offenders live your town . Its discrimination after time served . As mr. Burke has said ; laura ahearns system is the best system , sitting in jail collecting a pension . Would a tax payer agree if they knew ? Famlies have to work THREE jobs to keep up and pay for this politcal corruption . Thats preasure and thats where the CVC will profit once again .


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