Monday, October 5, 2015

Travesty in Rhode Island

October and cooler weather are upon us, and November will be here before we’ve unpacked all the winter clothes. November is Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving means Christmas is hasting on, and both Thanksgiving and Christmas mean home and family.

This year, for some men in Rhode Island, Thanksgiving and Christmas won’t mean home because theirs are being taken from them.

According to this excellent piece in the Providence Journal, October 5, 2015, those required to register as sex offenders in Rhode Island who have been assessed--some a great many years ago--as Tier III offenders and live within 1000 feet of a school have thirty days to move. In Providence, a few tiny parcels of land remain in which they may legally live. 

This is due to a bill passed in June expanding the 300-foot restriction to 1000 feet for Tier III registrants. The bill was supported by the R.I. Brotherhood of Correction Officers, no one else, and apparently that “Brotherhood” does not encompass all of law enforcement, for, according to the Journal:

Remarkably, law enforcers, civil-rights advocates, supporters of victims of sexual assault and experts who study sex-offender management say the expanded ban could actually decrease public safety by forcing offenders to move frequently or become homeless, destabilizing their lives.

Most of Providence’s affected registered citizens have lived, quietly and offense-free, in their neighborhoods for years. Some own their homes. Many are senior citizens. A few have found other places to live. The majority are bewildered, facing homelessness and hopelessness. As one said, " 'The state has got to stop punishing us. We've paid for our crimes. What's next?' ”

That is an excellent question. I am almost sure that, for most of them, what is next will not include Thanksgiving turkey or a Christmas tree in the homes where they have lived, in total compliance with every law and regulation, for a good portion of their lives.


  1. Christmas tree ? Thanks giving turkey ? Why not add not being allowed shelter at any facility that house's the homeless .
    Altho this person has many offence's and labeled with the tier three system , is proof the level system is a very poor calculator of re-offence .
    Level one and level two calculators automaticly become level three when changing address by state, and to date no law or probationary time limit to return to the original level of the courts conviction status of an actual sexual offence and not an added felony offence for late registration after time served . Safe than sorry? Or cruel and inhuman treatment as the author of the AWA walks the floor in congress to extend sorna with added bonus's for the police departments that except (2015) . "Thats bribery" .
    Can you imagine, with all this technology and the felons in congress . 700 feet ?

  2. This is only one state . Where does all the money come from and to whom, and how much gets funnelled off the top to Mr. Walsh .
    This is the tip if the iceberg . But now that Mr. Walshs mental health is said to be in question, what can and what will stand up at a court proceeding that should be challenged will prove donators will also be held responsible, like any recall of any product that causes death, and thats sorna and megans law beyond law inforcement after time served .


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